My Thoughts on Accessibility of NFTs and Web3

This image is not an NFT but a stock image. Almost every day for the past six months, I have run into some type of discussion and debate about Web3. A quick explanation of Web3 is that of a decentralized Internet where applications and platforms will no longer be operated by centralized entities like Google,… Continue reading My Thoughts on Accessibility of NFTs and Web3

The Twelve Labors of Accessibility

Heracles standing in front of the Hydra of Lerna with sword drawn, Second Labor of Heracles

The one type of question I'm most asked is what my role as an accessibility professional requires. I usually stick to a technical answer knowing it's what most people want to hear. My daily tasks and responsibilities. My current position consists of consulting with designers, developers, and testers on issues, researching approaches and solutions, creating… Continue reading The Twelve Labors of Accessibility