The basics of alternative (alt) text and why you should use it when you tweet dank memes on Twitter.


Show Notes
This should have been the second episode but I wrote it first. If you are completely unfamiliar with web accessibility you will still get good information but some concepts might not be as clear until you listen to the second episode. 

Links and other resources
What is a code linter?
WebAIM – Alternative Text
W3c’s Web Accessibility Tutorials – Images Concepts
Adrian Roselli’s Improving Your Tweet Accessibility
My Diddy Meme Tweet

This podcast was due to launch in May 2020. Personal circumstances cause that launch to be delayed. I did manage to release an “Episode Zero”. I was going to delete this episode as I was in a raw emotional state during the recording. The quality of the recording reflects that state. I have decided against it and instead will keep it as a bonus episode. It’s funny to say this episode is a “bonus” but that is what the admin console tells me it will be called.